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Lavender Harvest 2023 - Pick Your Own Lavender at Smaragdfarm

In June and July 2023, Smaragdfarm welcomes lavender enthusiasts once again for lavender picking, capturing beautiful lavender photos, relaxation amidst the fragrance and splendor of lavender blooms, tasting delicious homemade lavender syrup and lavender honey, creating and purchasing lavender-themed decorative accessories. The below image is how artificial intelligence imagines the authentic lavender experience at Smaragdfarm.

AI generated image how computers imagine the purple lavender blooming at Smaragdfarm

For more detailed information about our contact details, the lavender picking process, and our homemade products, please visit our website. Below are five highlighted great news for visitors to Smaragdfarm!

1. Authentic Hungarian Countryside

If you wish to understand the authentic Hungarian village life, avoid venues packed with tourists and look for a hidden gem with welcoming local farmers, Smaragdfarm is an optimal destination for a short trip.

2. Free Parking

Located in Daruszentmiklós near Dunaújváros, Smaragdfarm is easily accessible by highway. We provide free parking for visitors in the designated area.

3. Free Admission

Unlike many other lavender farms, entrance to Smaragdfarm is free. We gladly welcome lavender enthusiasts, hikers, and lovers of beautiful photos, even if they do not wish to pick lavender or purchase any products.

4. No Waiting in Line

Smaragdfarm has been referred to as the "Secret Lavender Farm" by previous visitors because compared to other notable lavender fields, we have significantly fewer visitors to share the experience with. This means no waiting in line at the entrance, no bumping into other guests every minute, and the opportunity to take a real break from the daily hustle and bustle.

5. Free Tastings

We offer free homemade lavender or elderflower lemonade to every visitor because we understand the need to quench one's thirst during the summer days while picking lavender. There is also an opportunity to taste unique artisanal honey products, and we welcome the truly adventurous honey lovers to try our chili-infused honey!

Lavender harvest in Hungarian countryside

Lavender at Smaragdfarm this June!

For more information, follow the Smaragdfarm blog or social media channels! We hope to delight in the blossoming of French and English lavender together this summer.

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